Exclusive perks and benefits for our members


Expect the same from your bank as you do your own business. First Republic offers a comprehensive set of banking services to support the growth of your business at every stage. We are committed to fast response and ease of use through a dedicated banker backed by a team of experts.


Our Innovators’ Toolkit offers you an additional suite of mission-critical services with discounts up to $220,000 to address many of your immediate operational needs.

First Republic Bank is a member of the FDIC.


HubSpot is one of the leading sales, marketing, communications, and CRM tools for high growth startups. Our partnership unlocks discounts and unique resources for your company, including:

  • Up to 90% off subscription costs

  • Custom Masterclasses

  • Discounted tickets to INBOUND conference

  • Unlimited classes and webinars

  • One - on - One support 

  • And much more!


Brex is the First Corporate Card for Startups. Accepted anywhere, the Brex card saves time (seamless accounting/expensing) and money (unparalleled cash-back rates). The OTR x Brex partnership is thrilled to bring you waived card fees for life, 40 different SaaS credits/discounts, and a $500 cash-back bonus if you sign up before Valentine's Day!

Why Brex? 

  • Best-in-class rewards (like 7% cash-back on rideshare)

  • Higher, dynamic credit limits (10-20x industry average)

  • No personal credit impact (unlike most corporate cards)

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Free to join, pay only for what you use. Through this partnership, Off The Record members are eligible for a suite of perks. 



Perks Include

  • Up to $100,000 in AWS hosting credits

  • Access to developer and community events

  • Dedicated community liaison 


Wonder is an on-demand research network for entrepreneurs providing access to thousands of global analysts right at your fingertips. Ask us any question and we’ll deliver a personalized report in as little as 24 hours, straight to your inbox. 


Special Offer 

  • Receive an hour of complimentary research on Wonder when you sign up.


Spokn helps fast-growing startups upskill and engage their remote employees through bite-size audio from experts like HBS, MIT, McKinsey, HubSpot and more. Spokn's podcasting feature enables founders to create audio messages that keep remote teams informed - without zoom fatigue. Plus, founders and talent teams can send audios through push notifications on the app.

Perks Include

  • 25% discount ($75/user/year) + free access for new hires in first year of contract. No min seat requirement.

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Marpipe is the most scalable way to conduct marketing experiments for your business. Increase ROAS, engagement, & awareness with real multivariate pretests. Create and test hundreds of ads within minutes to quickly discover your best-performing ad creative and lift performance by 200% on average within the first month. No expert or design experience necessary!

Perks Include

  • $200 in Ad Spend Credits toward your first test

  • Free Expert Creative Audit & Onboarding

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BuyerSight categorizes and analyzes sales interactions at scale, giving managers actionable guidance about where to spend their time for the most impact. BuyerSight's AI guides sales leaders with recommendations about their team and customers that lead to better coaching and more revenue.

Perks Include

  • 30% off the first year at BuyerSight