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Leading a venture-backed startup is an isolating endeavor.

Off The Record 

Off The Record was founded by a contingent of venture capital investors to provide

a supportive community and unique resources to the founders in their portfolio. 

- Member Benefits -

Founder Pods

Monthly meetings with your dedicated pod of 10 founders to discuss personal and professional topics. 

Working Groups

Larger groups focused on addressing industry concerns such as blockchain, funding, and government relations. 

Slack Community

Private slack channels to connect with all members on various topics. Also available to your junior staff. 

Investor Network

Curated introductions to diverse investors across all stages, industries, and geographies. 

Chapter Events

Bi-weekly events with interesting speakers on relevant topics as requested by our member community.


High value conferences, meetings, and tours exclusively for our members and their team.


Discounted tickets and speaking opportunities at major conferences such as SXSW, Collision, and Money2020.

Software Discounts

Up to $100k in Amazon AWS credits, 50% off HubSpot, discount Quickbooks, and more from our partners. 

"Admittedly, I was skeptical at first. Having a consistent and dedicated meeting each month with CEOs of such different backgrounds and experiences has given me insights and support to work through my day-to-day challenges. As a first time founder, OTR gave me a peer group that was open and helpful, exposed me to how others run their companies, and provided actionable tools to implement quickly."

- Rachel Renock
Founder & CEO, Wethos


Submit your application using the link below. Our team will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your eligibility and next steps.


Together, we decide on a founder pod based on your unique situation to ensure you are among like-minded and helpful entrepreneurs. 


Founder pods kickoff with a facilitator and meet monthly for one year. We also host local events open to you and your team members. 

- Founding Funds -

- Jeffrey Silverman

Managing Partner, Laconia 

Founder & Chairman, Off The Record

We knew something was going on with one of our founders, but they weren't sharing all the details. I asked other VCs if they ever experienced the same situation and realized none of us could help. We started Off The Record so our founders had somewhere to go for honest, unbiased support. 


We have answers. 

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